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Speedfit Undefloor Heating

Speedfit Undefloor Heating

John Guest Speedfit Underfloor Heating Components. The Speedfit Underfloor Heating System has been designed to be quick and easy to install with components designed and manufactured to ISO9001 and DIN4726

John Guest Speedfit Undefloor Heating System Components

The Speedfit System has hot water pumped from a boiler to a pump pack, where it is mixed to approximately 50°C the distributed via a manifold to heating circuits made using Speedfit Barrier Pipe.

John Guest Speedfit Undefloor offers a range of products to ensure a wide variety of project types and sizes can be catered for. All connections are made with Speedfit push-fit connections and the new John Guest Speedfit Layflat Pipe system has made fixing plastic pipe a far easier experience.